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Established in 1994

Emmbi Industries Limited was established in August 1994, by it’s co-founders Rinku & Makrand Appalwar at a tender age of 23 and 25 respectively.

The name – Emmbi Polyarns

Emmbi was named after Moreshwar Balwant, Makrand Appalwar’s father As a symbol of veneration to their elders.

Manufacturing polymer bags

Makrand Appalwar saw an opportunity in manufacturing industrial grade polymer bags. To him, polymers formed the basic support to all materials.

In 1994 – they moved to Mumbai

In 1994, they moved to Mumbai and began working from their home. Makrand focused on the product design, Rinku handled the sales and purchase part of the business

In 1996 – their life changed

In ‘96 Rinku and Makrand’s life changed as they welcomed their daughter Maithili into their little world.

In 1997/98 – first factory in Silvassa and first office in Mumbai

By ’97, they had set up their first factory in Silvassa & in ’98 they had shifted to their first office in Mumbai which was less than 100 square foot and consisted of the two of them and a peon.

First big breakthrough

Emmbi Polyarns had their first big breakthrough when they received an order from Hindustan Unilever Limited for 25,000 woven polymer bags for distributing their FMCG products.

The first dispatch

Post Emmbi’s first dispatch, newer avenues opened. This was the beginning of the revolution in the polymer industry.

Emmbi kept innovating

From woven sacks, they ventured into a range of customisable FIBC bags. They knew no bounds.

In 2004 – first international export order

In 2004, Emmbi Polyarns received their first export order from Mr. Rhett Salley in the U.S.A. This marked the beginning of their international journey.

In 2010 – the turning point

In 2010, Emmbi had a major turning point. Emmbi Polyarns went public as it was officially listed in the IPO.

In 2013/14 – renamed Emmbi

In 2013/14, Emmbi Polyarns was renamed to Emmbi Industries Limited.

In 2013/14 – renamed Emmbi

In 2013/14, Emmbi Polyarns was renamed to Emmbi Industries Limited.

Avana Launched

At Avana, we believe that this needs to change. That is why we work hard each day to design products and systems that put farmers first.

Real leaders of the company

Makrand & Rinku believe that the real leaders of the company are its employees. They have been the ones to shed a lot of sweat tears and blood.