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  • Natural Weathering

Emmbi Starts Worlds First In-house Natural-Weathering Test Site




Emmbi Industries Limited, Indian FIBC major has gone a step further in the UV testing of its products.   Emmbi has come up with state of the art Natural Testing Site. The site is located at their Silvassa Plant.  The Geographical Locations of the Test Site are as under:

Latitude: +20.27 (20°16'12"N)
Longitude: +73.01 (73°00'36"E)
Time zone: UTC+5:30 hours
CountryIndia  ContinentAsia     


Convectional FIBC Testing By Accelerated Weathering 


Conventionally most of the producers are dependent on the accelerated UV testing in the various UV testing Chambers. These chambers are either using Xenon Ark Lamps. Most commonly used lamps are UVA 340 or 351 and UV B 313 Lamps for generating the UV light at the typical irradiance used are ranging between 0.49W/msqure/nm with the wavelength ranging between 310 to 340 nm.

This artificial generation could only replicate the part of the Natural Solar UV Spectrum and hence the Accelerated weathering tests are near perfect. Not exact as the natural sunlight. Important aspect is the performance of the test object while under the “Stress”. The testing chambers have no ability to accommodate the filled FIBCs.


FIBC Testing With Actual Filled In Products


We have observed that the performance of UV Stabiliser also depends on the type material of material for which the FIBC is being used. Even the vapour in the vicinity of the filled up FIBC decides the performance of the product. We have plans to create some of the vapour testing chambers in the near future.

It is not possible to monitor these types of situations in the Accelerated weathering equipment’s. We have created a Space of 6 FIBC which is being be used for testing various types of material. The present test in progress is being conducted on Chemical Fertiliser, Calcium Carbonate, Recycled Polyethylene, Bentonite, Sand and Common Salt. These Six materials represent different chemical structures and chemical polarities. These materials are also some of the most commonly filled materials in FIBC.


Location of Emmbi Test Site in the Globe



The availability of Direct for around 10 Hrs. per Day makes Silvassa a Perfect Test Site Location in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the part of the world which enjoys maximum luminous intensity of the visible light throughout the year. With dense forest in the surrounding there is almost a 90 days of direct precipitation at the location of the site. The sea cost is around 30 Km away from the test site.                              


Colour Fastness Test 


Most of the colour pigments are also react able to the heat and direct exposure of the sunlight. With the help of our Natural testing site we will also study the behaviour of the different in polymer . The test results will be available from the 31st December 2013.   




Solar energy and surface meteorology at the Emmbi Test Site

You will observe that there is substantially high temperature across the year and also the precipitation is spread for more than 5 months. This gives abundant chances for the test samples to weather.