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03/03/2016 Project Launch of Positive Pressure Integrated Clean Room Facility For Food & Pharmaceutical Grade FIBC Packaging

Project Launch of Positive Pressure Integrated Clean Room Facility  For Food & Pharmaceutical Grade FIBC Packaging

Emmbi Industries limited has started the construction of “Positive Pressure Clean Room facility for manufacturing of Food and Pharmaceutical Grade FIBC Packaging Material” which will help company to produce the Food & Pharma Grade products for the Export Market. This will enhance the value addition of the products, Especially in USA as the New USFDA guidelines recommends the use of food grade material for packaging for the entire value-chain of Food and Pharma.

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26/03/2016 Saturday Interactive Session - March 2016

Saturday Interactive Session - March 2016

Interaction is what we do every day with our family, friends, co-workers, etc. but at emmbi we take a step further and make “interactions” fun than serious. HR team of Emmbi introduced “Saturday Interactive Session” last year which takes place every Saturday at our head office and factory. This platform works best to talk anything and everything but not work. The activities include fun games, debates, discussion on mutually agreed topics, share a story, play a sport etc.

In the month of March, one activity was undertaken in which the participants were given a potato and straw. The activity required the teams to put across a straw through a raw potato in one shot. Without giving a thought few participants quickly made an assumption that it is not possible. But they were the ones who were able to do it in one shot. This activity taught a lesson that to execute any assigned task one should follow (PDCA – Plan – Do – Check – Action).

Also an interesting activity was conducted in which the HR team shared 5 stories with the emmbi team mates throughout the week. These stories were based on life lessons and the participants were asked to jot down their comments on a piece of paper and to correlate the stories with their personal and professional life experiences. Each employee shared their experience and the activity was followed by motivational videos.

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01/01/2016 Emmbi @ Kisan 2015 - India's Largest Agri Show

Emmbi industries Ltd participated in Kisan 2015 – India’s Largest Agri Show, Pune (16th – 20th December 2015) and launched Jalasanchay Product Category i.e. Pond Liner and range of Flexible Water Tanks. Kisan was a great success as we had approx. more than one lakh footfall. Also very proud to share that our stall was one of the busiest stall in the respective hall. Lot of appreciation received for the concept of “Flexible Water Tank” which was a unique product in the entire exhibition. The success of this exhibition was an outcome of teamwork. The management, the executives, the labor and support staff put in their best efforts to make it lively.



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08/03/2016 Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day Celebration

On 8th March 2016, Emmbi Industries Ltd celebrated Women’s Day with great enthusiasm. The gentleman’s of emmbi surprised emmbi ladies co-workers by gifting them Pink Rose and Ganesha Murti. Also arranged sweets and snacks on this special occasion. The icing on the cake was speech given by the very enthusiastic Mrs. Rinku Appalwar, CFO and Executive Director, Emmbi Industries Ltd. Mrs. Rinku spoke about women empowerment and importance of women’s in today’s society. She also shared her thoughts on maintaining balance between career and family. Moreover she emphasized on the role of women workforce in team emmbi.

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07/04/2016 Emmbi Foundation conducted Free Medical Camp

Emmbi Foundation conducted Free Medical Camp

Emmbi Foundation conducted Free Medical Camp in the month of April 2016 for the marginalized community in the rural areas of Silvassa. Expert team of doctors was engaged in the activity for the detailed checkup of the villagers.

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