•  Founders

Makrand Appalwar is a promoter, Chairman & Managing Director of Emmbi Industries Limited. He always believes that it is a process of continuous innovations in the company’s products & processes which will create a strong, sustainable and dynamic organisation. Makrand, an engineer from Pune University was always very particular in choosing products and processes which are highly environment friendly. His out of the box thinking helped the company to achieve a reputation of innovative-solution-provider for all the needs of a consumer. In the year 2005 he was awarded with prestigious “Udyog Rattan” award by Institute of Economic Studies for his very novel idea of “Protective Irrigation System”. He is instrumental in shaping and accelerating the organization’s marketing strategy through internal programmes. As a veteran in the field of Polymers, and with a wealth of experience he drove several engineering efforts by developing an " recycling friendly " FIBC made completely of a single polymer. This FIBC is produced by homogenising all the components going into the making of the FIBC which can be recycled at the end of the first life cycle, in a single process which is ultimately the cheapest way. His continuous urge to upgrade knowledge kept him learning for ever. He completed a Management program in Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the year 2014. His vision is to create all the polymer products with 100% recyclability increasing the overall sustainability of the polymer industry.



Rinku Appalwar is a promoter, Executive Director-Finance & CFO of Emmbi Industries Limited. She is a firm believer of the Lean Enterprise Model. She is always working hard to push the operational efficiency of the organisation. Her in-depth understanding of Costing helps the Company to focus on choosing the right type of product mix in the ever changing and growing global market. She always believed that being a women is a not a short coming but a strength for a great manager. She is a figure of inspiration to many working in Emmbi and other companies. Rinku’s belief of creating a “Brand Emmbi” helped the stake holders of the company to orient for the common goal and march positively towards achieving it . Her campaign “ We are Emmbi” has created waves in the woven polymer industry. Her devotion to the work and her energies have lead the company to a robust growth due to channelizing of the resources for better productivity.