• FAQ's

1.What is the lead time for quotes ?

Our dedicated sales executive will respond within 24 hours. Each query and client is assigned to specific sales executive allowing continuity of communication.

2.What is the lead time for samples? What is the sampling policy?

Samples are dispatched within 4 working days to reach within a week to the client. The company’s sampling policy is fully customer oriented. The company does not charge for reasonable quantity of samples as well as for courier charges.

3. What is the minimum order quantity?

The company accepts orders for as low as 1000 bags subject to acceptance of shipment on partial container load basis.

4. What is the lead time for order execution?

Generally all orders are shipped from our works within 4 weeks form the date of receiving clear order and Letter of Credit.

5. Which international standards the company’s product meet ?

The products of the company would meet the international standards for non dangerous goods: EFIBCA Standard 004 : 1985

6. Does the company have any formal Quality Management Systems in place?

Emmbi is the first company in India in woven sack industry to obtain ISO 2001:1994 certification. The company has since then constantly retained the certification and is presently having ISO 9001-2000 certification.

7. Does the company have any formal HES policy ?

The company has defined HES policy as given on the Quality page.

8. Does the company have an interactive order and delivery tracking system?

The company is in the process of testing a web based, fully interactive order and tracking system that can be used directly by the customers.

9. Does the company follow the international norms for wooden pallets?

The wooden pallets conform to the new European and US Pallet Norms ISPM-15.

10. What is the system of bale wrapping and marking?

Each bale is shrink wrapped in stable cuboids with bold label markings for easy identification.

11. What is the traceability system?

The company has ISO 9001:2000 certified system for traceability based on the Invoice/BL reference number. The company can trace back right up to the raw material used in the bag.

12. Does the company accommodate emergency orders ?

Emergencies of client can be handled efficiently because of the integrated operations and close proximity to seaports and airport.

13. Is there system to offer alternative designs that are safe yet economical as an alternative to the enquired bags?

The company has in-house design and development center along with the required testing facilities to develop alternative bag designs with optimum specifications resulting in reduced costs while retaining required technical and safety specifications.

14. What is the commitment on confidentiality?

The company is operating with global clients for last few years. The company maintains a strict confidentiality and no poaching policy as a sound business ethic.

15. How does the company handle natural calamity ? Are there any contingency plans in place ?

The company has two manufacturing facilities within a 20 kilometer radius to take care of emergencies. In addition the company has reciprocal tie-ups with other manufacturers in India for any such eventuality. Production and deliveries are hence virtually guaranteed.